Bobby "Waldo" Mack was born with the name Robert Waldo McKenna in Massachusetts. Since leaving NYC decades ago Waldo has been calling San Francisco home. It's common to find him in local venues actively paying attention to bands and their sounds. 

Waldo's fuzz pedals come from a lifetime of listening and crafting one of the best sounds in rock - fuzz. Of course, there are a lot great rock'n'roll sounds like reverb, delay, and distortion; but fuzz is a Waldo Mack thing. Waldo also builds tube stereos that emit rich, warm, amazingly clean sounds. This stereo is badass and the perfect piece of gear for the analog audiophile.

In addition to listening to music and building gear for musicians, Waldo also makes music. Groovy stuff. He's been playing for eons and has banded with others at times. Waldo Mack is solo these days and working to keep the show on the road.